Bharti Sudan CPA Inc. provides hassle-free QuickBooks setup and payroll service for small business enterprises in Diamond Bar, Los Angeles County, Orange County, and the nearby areas. QuickBooks remains a popular solution for small businesses since it is flexible and easy to use. Even though your staff may be very knowledgeable and capable of setting up this software, we have discovered that the majority of clients prefer to have a professional set up their QuickBooks payroll service.

Count on Our Experience

Our experience makes it simpler to review your existing bookkeeping system and determine the best approach for your future bookkeeping needs. After doing this initial review, we then set up your QuickBooks payroll software so that it works best for you. With our full-service QuickBooks assisted payroll support, you can set everything up flawlessly from the start so you never have to waste time trying to find out which charts to use or how to enter beginning balances. We also provide expert training and guidance on QuickBooks software so that your knowledge and efficiency are increased right away and a steep learning curve is avoided.

Our QuickBooks Assisted Payroll Service Includes:

  • Review of your existing accounting system to design your ideal QuickBooks program.
  • Determine the best start date and load balances in accordance with that date.
  • Prepare a list of inventory items, services, and additional charges including sales tax to be billed on each sale.
  • Enter transactions as of your specified start date.
  • Train your staff to use QuickBooks effectively.
  • Follow up on training with QuickBooks online support services to ensure the system is working well for your business.
  • Perform a monthly, quarterly, or annually review of data to guarantee that you are on track so you can have QuickBooks enhanced payroll support.

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