At Bharti Sudan CPA Inc., we provide the comprehensive audit of financial statements and review services in Diamond Bar, Los Angeles County, Orange County, and the nearby areas. Our audit services will help you to satisfy government stockholders, suppliers, and customers in regards to the credibility of all published information. We offer three different levels of quality assurance to meet your unique needs. These three levels include Audit, Review, and Compilation of Financial Statements.

Audit Services

When we offer to audit financial statement of a company, we take great care and use the utmost attention to detail to ensure accuracy and precision throughout the process. The benefits of an audit include helping to avoid investigations, interest, and penalties when paying corporate tax, goods, and services taxes. An audit from us will include the highest level of assurance and we offer written communication with:

  • Your banks to confirm debt or cash balances and terms
  • Your customers to check outstanding receivable balances
  • Your vendors to verify outstanding payable balances and
  • Your attorneys to provide information for pending legal actions

Review – Limited Assurance

A review with limited assurance is not as extensive as a traditional audit but is more involved than a compliance. It mainly involves analytical procedures applied to the financial statement instead of a full audit of group financial statements or an audit of consolidated financial statements. If there are inconsistencies noted after the review, we may recommend more comprehensive services.

Compilation – Lowest Level of Assurance

Compilation services include paperwork that states that it is the ‘representation of management’ with no opinion expressed of assurance on the financial statements. This service includes presenting the statements in the form of supplementary information. We rely fully on our knowledge of accounting practices and the general information about your business.

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